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DIY dance floor – Just as different dancers prefer different types of dance shoes. There is no one style of dance floor that fits everyone’s needs. However, a medium density fiberboard (MDF) dance floor is easy and simple to install and can be both portable and semi-permanent. When building a dance floor and to choose materials, going the distance, type of wood and the budget for the cost of materials.

Beautiful DIY Dance Floor

Beautiful DIY Dance Floor

DIY dance floor, purchase materials needed to install your MDF dance floor from a hardware store or flooring specialist. A semi-permanent 3/4 inch-thick MDF three sections make an 8 foot by 12 foot floor. The time required to complete this project is 2 to 3 days. Ask the hardware store or flooring specialist buying materials from cutting the floor to the desired size. MDF is very thick, dense and resilient. Skew is not a problem and they can be very hard, which prevents scratches. In addition, the strips of MDF board cut to length, 2 inches wide, to go over the seams of each section.

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Beautiful DIY Dance Floor

DIY dance floor, position decorative ribbons on your flat surface, making sure that they are directly under the connections between sections. Then, pre drill holes for screws, drill, in the corners of each section. Make sure the holes are large enough for a screw cap, but not too big for the screw itself. Space holes 1 foot apart. Then, continue to build the floor one or two sections at a time.

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